Hi! My name is Andrea Natali and I'm a freelance photographer based in Milan. 


I majored in Digital Communications. My areas of expertise are product photography and street photography. 
I believe that photography is a vessel to define the heart of a brand and strive for photos that communicate an iconic and powerful brand image. 
In addition to photography, I have extensive experience and knowledge in web and graphic design. 
I worked for luxury retailers and e-commerce brands like Serà fine silk, Blue of a Kind, and Cardano Club. 
Currently, I also work with Studio Tiche - a design agency based in Milan - that guarantees a perfect cocktail of knowledge for a professional result.


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Cardano Club

Distinguished Gentleman's Ride - 2018

Elite Day 2018


Man’s World - Milano 2018

Pitti Uomo 93 /94

Red Hook Crit - Milano 2018

Serà Fine Silk

Studio Tiche


Zwilling - Erny Lombardo

4ever Your Friends